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Green spots

Yesterday I had 24 green spots in my Town, and that was till 2 hours ago. After diner I wanted to hunt and I found exactly 13 green spots in my town. Why the hell you reduce them to half? I was able to find 2 velos, stopping now cuz it’s waste of time to run or drive around. That’s not gonna make fun.

That happens, sometimes to a point you get none on the entire map; like me. That’s ludia, in a nutshell.

Playing my 2 accounts together on my lunchtime walk here at work on my new and old phone… There were less green drops on one than the other. Some drops are in different places. There were more new drops on one phone than the other. Even towers in different places. I noticed the new drops, different places last week all of a sudden.

I want to Adress this again. It’s the for the commons this week and I have like 2 green spots in My whole town. Normally about 10. Last week I had this issue 1 day out of 3 but now it’s the second day. Can any mod please tell me what’s the sense behind this straight reduction (daywise)? Did I hunt too much raptors last week so I shouldn’t get the chance to hunt them this week again? I really don’t get it. I’m frustrated because I usually have 1 day to hunt commons in the week and when it’s like that I just Stay at home because it’s not worth hunting hours for like 7 dinos.

From my home in a well populated residential area, I can only see 3 green event drops, one, the other side of the river. I noticed how few there were yesterday.