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Green stops - again (I am sorry)


I am not whining about the lack of green stops but just wonder if I am missing something. I had plenty of green stops since Summer in my neighborhood, that is the range I am allowed to go without my parent’s permission. Now can’t see any nearby, but have found one single (1) in the only “JWA defined park” in a town nearby (all country suppose to be a “park”, at least was officially proclaimed as first world green country).
Maybe a tip where to find green stops? o.k… parks, but there are none “JWA parks” in my no car person range. My app. is not broken otherwise I wouldn’t see that only green stop, right?
I feel that is not fair that some have access to green stops and others no. So, what is a “JWA park”… some greenery in a big city which is not even close to “nature”, but the national park, even one of the first world national parks is not… doh.