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Green stops disappeared again!

What’s all this then?

It must be the weekend, and epics are on the green stops, because every single green stop that was accessible to me has disappeared again!

Way out in the distance I can see a green stop, maybe a mile or so away, and that’s about it!

Why is this the case?

Does someone push the wrong button?

If it’s not that, then why isn’t it the same problem every weekend?

Last weekend I had 3 accessible green stops, but no strike towers.

The one before that I had the strike towers but no green stops.

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Same. I have 17 drops in my range. Only 1 is green! 7 raptor scents and 5 rare strikes !

I was just about to post this. There are hardly any green drops to be found on the map.

As usual, I see the park in the distance has the exact same three green drops that have been there for coming up to about 3 months, non-stop. If it’s randomized, why do the park ones never leave?

I have none in my area. They are all way off in the distance like 400 meters away. I was excited for the kentrosaurus. Ludia is teasing me. I can trex to 20 but kentrosaurus is the rarest thing of all time to me. I have only seen it in the wild once and it was out of reach.

I had 6 green stops in my area when the rare creatures were active, now I have zero. Similar to last week. I’m sick and tired of this nonsense.

At least it isn’t a good epic weekend like allosaurus gen 2 or some exclusive.

I was gonna say something like that Phil in my op, but thought it would dilute the nature of the frustration of it.
However I can seek some solace from that fact :+1:

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