Green stops stil not to spin?


At least, I am not able to spin the green ones with the birds on it…


It’s a known issue. The hitboxes of the birds obscure the hitboxes of the drops.


You fellas really need to look in the forum. There are a few ways to spin it.

  1. expand your map and spin it. Works most of the time.
  2. go battle then cancel out immediately. Go back to the stop and quickly spin the green supply drop before the bird appears.


This looks more like a work around rather than N actual solution. But thanks anyways for sharing. I will try this after work.


Can’t believe it’s not fixed yet after two weeks of pterosaur events.


Better than NOT collecting from them at all. Every single bleary coin helps.


Rotate your view so you’re looking at the dino-bird’s butt. Then hit the green supply drop.

Works every time with ground creatures. Havent found a way to get fliers yet


I have been able to get the ones that are flying over the supply drop by going to my collection, selecting a dino, exiting back to the map, then clicking on the supply drop as soon as it loads. You have to be quick! The supply drops usually load before the dinos