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Green stops

I thought the green stop distribution couldn’t get any worse but somehow it has!

There isn’t one in sight NSEW for as far as I can see on my map!

This is since the reset today


Same. I just think it’s a general bug right now

Not only the green stops are gone now but also the rare dinos which I didn’t have chance to collect yet…

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No green stops here either

I think this is normal.
The dev team is aware of it.
I think this is to replace pachy by baryonyx as it was normally asked.

Thought it was just me. Should be fixed soon enough

Thanks @shining

I think the timer was set wrong. On Wednesday it started at 1 day and 23 hours I think

Whaaaat suddenly the epics are out…

I logged out and back in, and the epic green stops were there Ludia did update the weekly events graphic yesterday, showing that the rare green supplies would end Thursday instead of Friday, the epics will be today and tomorrow, and there will be a legenary on Sunday.

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I think the distribution as well as quantity has been bad for a while now. Yesterday, while i was hunting the rares, i had to drive a looong way since the Green stops were so far away from each other.

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Well it’s pretty unprofessional to make players think that they have an extra day to dart rares when they in fact don’t…
One single attempt on legendaries doesn’t need a whole day for itself either… Ugh I really needed Quetzalcoatlus