Green Supply drops and Arenas

Another switchup came today when it comes to supply drops. I have 2 red and 1 green while Im at home. I usually walk to work and I have 3 more Green supplys in a 15 minute walk. Can you do something about this? Noone in their right mind is going to walk for hours to complete all the weekly creatures we can catch. Arena: one of my favourite parts of the game and it became impossible for a while now. My strongest dino: lvl 26 6-6-7 boosts. I fight ppl who have lvl 28-30 dinos most of them having something maxed out ( like speed on Thor ) I am revolving around 4.5k and 5k arena. I cannot imagine higher tiers arenas having anything less then the people I am fighting with. Balance the arena and add Green supply drops I feel this became an ongoing topic hopefully this gets fixed. Ty Almost forgot: Gold event for non VIP players? Did this get canceled? Am I gonna live to see the next one? The last one was forever ago.

Green Supply Drops. Every day its getting worse. I have 0 supplys in my surroundings. Closest one is about 500m out. Please add / fix this. Half of my alliance dont event see green drops. My town feels like a desert. Also please add vault of coins event. Havent seen it in a very very long time for non VIP players. Ty

they say it is random, but they could increase the ratio of orange to green supply drops and it would be fixed, same thing with raids.

I’ve no green suply box near me for miles, this is happening to other players? Before i’ve at least one that i could reach, but now :frowning:

I barely ever get green supply drops in my circle. Right now I can only reach a green supply drop thats on the edge of my circle. Last time I had a green supply drop in my circle was for last weeks rares

This is what i meen for no green supply box