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Green supply drops gone again

After 1.10 green supply drops were nowhere to be found. Late last week it got better. It wasn’t how it used to be but it was manageable. Now today the green supply drops are gone again. I would really like to have a chance at darting the featured dinos this week. It’s getting hard to motivate myself to get out and play this game.


Hey dave_r, I am sorry to hear that. Please rest assured that our team is still investigating this issue.

If you haven’t already, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at with your support key, and a screenshot of your in-game map.


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The problem isn’t on my end. The problem is that since 1.10 there are fewer supply drops in general, and a smaller percentage of them are green supply drops. The game needs about 20-25% more supply drops, and most of these new ones need to be green supply drops.


Agreed, I see no green stops in my area. I also noticed last night while I was playing that another supply drop disappeared.

Agreed also. Inside the parks around me there are a good number of event drops. Outside of park areas, neighborhoods and such, very few to be seen.

Why couldn’t they have screwed up green drops during bleed week? Why did it have to be Irritator week?


yeah same here. what’s the point of giving irritator with 30 attempts when there arent any green stops around

I say it should be double of what we have now. Seriously, some places just have no supply drops at all, there’s no way someone can dart event dinos by walking. I had a hard time driving for hours to find irritators, got just about half of them.

I covered over 120 miles (i kept track) and only managed to get 18/30 of mostly irritators with a couple argentinos mixed in because i was getting really frustrated

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is it intentional, do you think?

I travelled for 5 hrs straight and i got 12 green drops. That’s how bad it was . And also none was irritator. So still on zero in darting.

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There is few green drops but when I go further away there are tons.
But only thing I miss is that my favourite stop moved away. It used to be in that red circle

I m pretty sure this is just a nerf for green stops…

Now finally irri is event dino and then you can’t find any green stops

There is not enough of them Ludia. You should really mix it up more. After a very hard day I have 15/30 irritator collected though.

But they should think of a much better way to mix it up. There’s certain areas where I see 30 drops in my view with one green one lol. And others where there is about 3. It just shouldn’t be that hard. My feet literally hurt after work and then got to walk a lot. Obviously it’s a moving game but this is like you have to travel a lot more. They don’t need to make them all green. But a little increase should do the trick.

For every 8-10 spinners there should be 2 green spinners. Currently it seems like it’s just random and a low percent chance to take over a normal spinner. Parks have a high chance though…

Dont worry they will fix them right after the rare event ends.

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Ya coz of irri…

Another week and still hardly any green supply drops out there. I hardly play this game anymore. The effort required to even find 5 featured dinos is rediculous. The lack of dinos and and supply drops, I just can’t motivate myself to go out and play anymore.