Green supply drops removed


I went to three parks today. The first one used to have 3 green drops, the second used to have 4 and the third also used to have 4. But since you have made several of them into strike events the first park had 0 (!!!) Green supplies and the other two had one removed each. So it went from 11 drops into 6 drops. And it’s a 17 km walk for me to do all parks at once. I hope you can let the green supplies be green in the future and not turn them into strike events.

I was hoping I could get more than one try on the kentrosaurus today but 4 of the drops had koolasuchus and the fifth had no dinosaur at all :frowning: I’m just so dissapointed right now. The green supplies were very rare before, now it’s just ridiculous.

Green event spots disapearing?

A couple of my local ones have vanished in the last day or so.


I’ve lost 4 drops near my house. That sucked but losing event drops is even worse. South side of the city had 5, now there is 1. City center had 4, now there is 1. On the edges of the city center there are few that I have found. Not cool at all. Ludia could you please increase the amount.


The same thing happens to me. The one nearest my house always changes and the one in the nearby park sometimes does. Each week I flag the locations and the following week it happens again. It’s ridiculous, surely there is a way to implement a check to differentiate between regular SD and Special Event SD.


Same issues as you have. please see my post in the Suggestions titled Fill Special Event Supply Drops


I keep trying to report that the only green supply drops by my house are in woods behind ppls yards that you can’t reach. They removed the three that ppl could reach via a nature trail through the woods. No idea what to do. Sadness.


My local park used to have over 15 but now it only has about 7…


They are disappearing locally here too. Some that were either removed, or moved to the back far corner of the park, back in the middle of the woods, where there is no trails. Two other parks no longer have a single green spinner.

But of course, suddenly, I have a few green ones that are in a location of a church parking lot. Not even going to report them as bad locations.


Parks where I used to have 6 or 7 spots have now decreased to only 2 or 3. This is in many parks around me. Anyone else having this issue?


Yep. :frowning: There appears to be a random periodic purge/change from time to time (or update to update)


Middle of the road supply drops and green event spots remain, yet the parks, those green spots are going extinct in the parks…


The lack of green safari/special event drops in some areas makes it very difficult to getting anywhere near the 60 captures for the first part of this week’s event, so far I’ve managed 6 :-/

I also visited a town (Ross-on-Wye) with, and I kid you not, well over 40+ special event supply drops in the area. I mean I’m not exactly sure how that is fair distribution with a lack of special/safari event drops in other areas, and even those keep disappearing!

Two local special/safari drops near to me are on the police HQ, I’ve reported them and asked for them to be moved to a more publicly accessible area but have, so far, heard NOTHING back from Ludia and they remain where they are. Great reporting tool that, TQ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


after the update a bit ago, one appeared in a little park near my work where I go to sit and each lunch sometimes, so I was excited for that. It was a small park so only 1 was sufficient for the size. Today that is gone and it is a normal Supply Drop.

If I lose any more in the parks that I go to with my daughter, I’m going to be really upset. It’s already dropped from 6 down to 4, I’ll know tonight when I go to my daughter’s kindergarten orientation and we stop by the park afterwards.