Green Supply drops this week

are you really crazy? last weekend there were two additional dinosaurs as a bonus, the maxi and indoraptor … one attempt each … but almost every 100m there was a collection point for the one attempt. this week there are 30 attempts at rare dinosaurs and the card is empty … within a few kilometers only 2 or 3 collection points. even in 3 days you can’t do the 30 attempts. Today and yesterday I was traveling for 1 hour in 4 cities, I only found a handful. I found more of echo in the wild than at the collection points in two days. So not possible, then we don’t need 30 attempts … or more collection points on the map.


Hey Holger_Werminghaus, could you take a screenshot of your in-game map and send it over to our team at Please make sure to include your support key and the date and time of when you took the screenshot as well.


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@E.D @Ned @John @Ludia_Developers

I’ve sent screenshots and I’m sure numerous others have as well. Don’t forget the various locations across the world posted here on the forum. Nothing gets corrected on Ludias end.

Do a search for supply drops or event drops and look how many threads over the last month have been created.

Ludia knows, there’s no point in us sending them an email and wasting our time. We’ve done our part as customers coming to THEIR website forum and contacting THEIR support staff and providing pictures here. We’ve used THEIR website to report bugs in the bug report section. What’s the point? Ludia is aware there are issues with lack of event drops across the board unless it’s in abundance in parks that are actually considered a park by Ludia.

The players are affected here and Ludia keeps selling boost instead of fixing VERY WELL KNOWN ISSUES.

Support needs to resolve the issue within support. We shouldn’t have to contact support for support to tell us to contact the “other” support. Come on man.


Phil totally agree, @Ned you are constantly asking us to send screenshots etc but that just accumulates tickets which in turn leads to lack of responses , lack of response from support leads to unhappy customers.
But does anyone at Ludia really care as by Phil post shows they has been enough threads highlighting the issue for awhile now and all we ever get is the generic answer


Hey Shazbo1963, messages sent to that email address will allow for our team to gather information more closely for them to review each case. However, please note that our team will not reply to messages for that email.

Rest assured that our team is continually working with the external service provider for better optimization.

I found some more. It appears we as customers, fans, players, loyal players, vip members, forum members, concerned passionate players have done our part to let Ludia be aware of issues regarding event supply drops.

If nothing is getting resolved it isn’t because they weren’t notified. If they weren’t notified then some others out of the listed above’s hands isn’t doing THEIR job.


Ned, this has been an issue since the mini update when we were told by Ludia that the change would be better for us.

Like so many others I sent numerous screen shots to Ludia, and all I got back was a typical spam reply which no doubt everyone got. A reply I hasten to add was somewhat akin to your response on this thread.

The problem is a simple fix.
The algorithm puts green drops in parks which very few people will visit when it’s dark, and very few people live in parks.

So simply go back to the algorithm that was in place before the change.
And remember the saying that goes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it!’


Surely this can’t be hard to solve, it only became an issue when the drops were manipulated.
So the simple answer to the problem, is to revert the server code back to before these issues occurred.
If it’s not broken don’t fix it springs to mind.


This is one of countless issues with the map since 1.10 map tracking update, @Ned. I’m certain there is an issues with servers or new tracking system. Maybe new system is unstable (constant app freezes and refreshments, delayed appearance of sanctuaries occasionally, totally emtpy areas that appeared with 1.10 update, app freezes due to many proximity spawns) or not compatible with your servers. Even if input is right from your side, output is bugged or corrupted.

Event drops mostly disappeared from residential areas with 1.10 update. Then you give us more event drops and few of us only saw event drops everywhere with few normal ones if we were lucky. After additional tweaks event drops moved back to park (95% of them) and again become more scarce.


It’s nice seeing myself used as an example. Ludia really needs to step up their game and fix this weeks long issue already.

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Green supply drops have become relatively non existent in my area. I can drive for several miles without seeing one. I think if you are lucky enough to live in a bigger city or near some big parks you may still be able to find an adequate amount but Ludiots have shafted those of us who live in small towns/rural areas/areas without parks. I have no idea why lately Ludiots have become so stingy with the green supply drops but it really sucks. I know people who are quitting the game over the lack of green supply drops. Ludia, something you may want to consider, if I have to waste a bunch of money on gas driving around trying to find supply drops that is certainly making me less likely to spend money on your game! :rage:


I drove around for 30 minutes and I’m barely seeing them. Why give us 30 attempts if you’re going to remove most of the green drops? Hopefully Ludia is aware of the situation, I’d love to have an extra day because there’s no way any one is going to get all their attempts in unless playing this is their full-time job, lol.


This has been a known issue for a couple of months, but unfortunately Ludia hasn’t been responsive to it at all. It’s honestly baffling that they make it harder to play during the winter when players are already less likely to go out and play as much.


Hang on guys…this is all OUR fault. Apparently our feedback told Ludia that we wanted no green supply drops and to put them back into parks. Shame on us for being mad about our feedback. :rage:


They did make proximity spawns and local spawns way better and more reliant. I give them that. However, the green spinners are so scarce that the only thing you can really do is go to a park.

And even then everybody chooses which dino they want to dart for there goals. You give us something like 30 attempts and multiple choices with scarce resources it’s very extreme to get the dino you want not just getting all attempts. It’s actually not fun it’s a chore. Green events used to be very fun, still a challenge but not where it was partially dreaded.

And then you also have moments where the green spinners have no dinos. So you finally found some outside of a park? Well too bad come back later there’s nothing there. And top it off it happens at parks too, see…

They are in a very bad state.


Proximity spawns did jump a lot. It’s great but bad. I’m always afraid to dart something and then miss an epic. It happens.

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I’ve send an email

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Another email sent

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Thing is playing games is supposed to be rewarding, it’s why we play after all.
So removing rewards or suddenly making them scarce, isn’t really the best way to keep the active player base happy.


Increase in proximity spawns made game less playable and more drive to play. Since 1.10 majority of proximity spawn is concentrated on highways and fast road with limited or no safe walking area for pedestrians. Too many proximity spawns also make game glitchy and freezes many times if you wan’t to hunt as a passenger. First of all you can’t click creature sometimes (bye bye Mammoth, turtle…). Second problem is that proximity spawns in backgrounds can glitch your game during darting session.

Also since 1.10 some residential and highway areas gained park spawns from nowhere. Some dangerous park areas (local hills that are dangerous to visit in winter) gained more drops and most are event drops.