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Green Supply Drops Today

Do not see any green supply drops this morning? Had one yesterday near my house. Do not see any on the map.

Nothing in sight for me as well. Tragic…again the same problems

I was lucky to be in curfew but not in lockdown so I braved the cold to hope to find some green drops, after a nice walk, I saw only one but too far away.

Thanks again Ludia to never make the same mistake twice but a lot more than twice, you push the limits of incompetence a little more each day.


This must be some kind of joke!

There is not a single green drop in sight for me. Not one, but this is now the norm for weekends where I live.

Because Ludia!

I can see two from my house so they are out there. Maybe a few less than normal. Loads of treasure chase boxes though.

I’ve got hundreds of epic towers, quite a few treasure chases, and 5 green towers, 5 on the entire map, so glad I don’t have green drops

No green drops in sight for me either. Times like these are when I hate not doing e everything the night before when there are some. You neverknow what morning reset holds.

Almost, every day this problem of distribution of supply drops, strike towers, special events is raised. We are still waiting for an answer from Ludia.

Are the devs at least aware of the issue? @Ned


I had 1 green drop and 10 yes TEN epic towers in my circle…

Ludia, I’m, right in thiking I can only do those epic towers ONCE right, RIGHT? Why do I need 10 in one area?

This is turning into a really dumb game these days.


I knew there would be a subject for this today there is NOTHING in sight. Yesterday there was some just off my radar and the city has a decent spawn rate for supply drops but not a SINGLE green supply drop. I see epic towers and a few lunar treasure surrounding me but no green drops.

I went to grab dinner with a friend, found plenty so idk what’s up

@Ned Please make sure the dev tem is aware of how bad green drop distribution has been lately, especially today. I can see exactly 70 drops from home, and today not a single one of them is green. I’m seeing many complaints along those lines in the big GP Discord (which has 10k members) as well.

It’s not just today for me though. In the past, at least one of the 13 drops I can reach from home would be green, usually two or more. Lately (since the last week of January) it’s been one green if I’m lucky; I’ve had a couple days recently where they’ve all been orange. Oddly, only the rares seem half-decent; I’ll consistently have 2-4 green drops during rares, with 0-1 during commons, epics, and that one day we had uniques. (My down-the-street park also recently went from containing seven drops to containing two, but that’s a different complaint.)

I really think something is messed up with distribution, like all the greens are getting clumped together somewhere (sounds like th3bub14 has them all, haha). I’m seeing this on a smaller scale in my own city; sometimes the entire uptown is devoid of green drops, while some random neighborhood (not a hidden park) will have a bunch. Examples (uptown, which looked like that in every direction, and then a random neighborhood midtown):

I can see 33 drops around my house. There are zero green ones. My wife drove 20 miles and back with me today and I saw a total of three unique drops. Three…

It almost feels like they upped the strike tower distribution (which is nice but…) which has in turn overwritten most if not all of the green supply drops :confused:
If they’d add a couple more drops to help even it out it’d be great.

That’s not really very helpful @th3bub14

The fact that here we are in full lockdown and going out to grab dinner with a friend would lead to the possibility of getting arrested means we aren’t as fortunate as you are.

Under non lockdown circumstances I’m sure no one would be quite so upset at the lack of green drops.

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I have just counted exactly 43 supply drops around me (most outside my circle but still visible).

43 orange ones
(Guess?) 0 green ones

Went all across the city today with my wife driving (it’s a 400k people city) and saw very little green ones.

Just hope it’s not like this tomorrow


I meant that as in going to his house. I don’t go anywhere else, and it’s fine in the US. While I do agree that spawn rates should def be higher, I don’t think much could be changed with the current situation without breaking the game. Yes, most of the world is still in lockdown (and I rarely leave home), but even then I’ve noticed (at least compared to memory, it’s been forever) that there are more green drops around. I don’t think upping the spawn rate would be good for the game, especially now that gigas are being set up as a permanent fixture. It’s an AR game, we can only do so much given current events before we go to far.

I think they’re trying to relate more to the spawn rate ratio of the actual supply drop. It changes every day depending on the incubators that day but they make it so uneven sometimes. The fact that there is a treasure hunt today along with four different towers made it pretty bad today. Again, hopefully it’s better tomorrow.