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Green supply Drops turtle spawns not working

For some reason i Cant start the darting on thé turtles at thé green supply Drops.
Anybody else have this issue?

Launch button won’t work

Same (20 characters)

My strike tower wins are not registering.

Launch button don’t work. Missed Quetzal, cause of it.

Launch button is broken for some dinos. Strike tower wins sometimes registering, other times not.

Trying now and it won’t work

Couldn’t launch on a carbo at special event drop. After spinning a few drops afterwards, I’m suddenly darting a carbo that i didn’t target. Weird stuff.

That’s a phone network connection issue. I have a dead spot near my house, when I go through it, anything I click lags for a minute and pops back up when I exit the area.

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Seen one so far and darting worked fine.

Darted four more on the way home from work and they worked fine. It probably is some sort of connection/lag issue rather than a game problem.

I managed to get the darting going on the turtles. It was indeed some kind of connection error. Everything’s oke now.
Side note: After my turtle returns from sanctuary i should be able to start fusing thé unique :slight_smile: but i only should i have one of two fuses before i run out of turtle DNA again.

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