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Green supply drops, where are you?


So is there any event with dinosaurs ? I know there is, but not for me… that ridiculous and unacceptable Ludia.


I usually have 2/3 green stops surrounding my house in range. Now there’s none by my house. I’m starting to think whenever they do these events they decrease the amount of green stops so you can’t dart 30/30 event dinos.
As soon as I saw how good the Valentine’s Day event was gonna be this week, I was just waiting for the catch 22.

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Thats how mine are from time to time even strike towers go missing when they switch to epic


It’s a bad week here too. Green supplies are too scarce.

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It’s always on the best weeks when i have the least hunting time and see the least drops…




When I look around there are 68stops. 3of them are green. On sunday, only 2 were. That’s lame

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There always seem to be more green stops when we have less variety to dart.


I was with no green stops last week until the day before yesterday, not just my home area but all the neighborhood. Today I have plenty of green stops. It seems that is kind of random set of green stops - so bad luck today and better tomorrow.


One of my biggest pet peeves of this game is the lack of green supply stops. Ludia, do not make this game a driving game, it’s environmentally irresponsible and accident prone. We all should be able to walk around the neighborhood and finish these events, we shouldn’t need mobile transportation to play a phone game…I can hardly finish these events even though I play several hours daily! Something is wrong here…


I do agree !!! I consider using a car totally environment unfriendly and egoistic for the next generations. If you can’t play without the car please than DO NOT play. (two euro cents from the teenager girl)


Being in the country and with the typical lack of green stops for this weeks good event… i currently have to do a 45 minute walk to hit 3 green stops. It involves going down one road hitting two back tracking walking up another road and going back down yet another road to hit a third… thinking i wont be getting even close to 30 attempts.

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Last weekend I went out on Sunday to try and finish off my green event attempts. It was a dead zone, and I live on, near, or a 20 minute walk from various sized parks. It’s really low of them to decrease them that drastically.

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Don’t feel too bad, I have yet to see a green event drop with a creature.
Green drops, sure. But they are empty.

Seriously, what is going on with Ludia?

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This was supposed to be a spectacular week I was excited for.

Creatures I need and could use.

I’ve darted next to nothing because there has been nothing at the drops.

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Definitely one of the worst number of green supply drops I have seen; took a 3 hour drive to get 12 Dimetrodon :frowning:

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Wow Ludia thanks for 1 green supply drop… lol


I usualy have quite a few in my park area, this week many are not event drops. By count: 12 drops in the park, 6 or 7 are usually event, this week 3 are. Many others in my hunting grounds are not event drops either, about half are missing this week and are regular SD or strike towers.

I have had to go out of area to find them.


Yeah seriously! Isn’t the point of this game to get off our butts and walk/run? Where’s the exercise when you have to drive in order to get to dinostops and strike towers?
And even if you’re in a car, you can’t go 30 seconds without Chris Pratt popping up on the screen having an aneurism asking if you’re a passenger. :joy:


Yup they throw on an epic valentine week with tons of event dinos, yet hardly any green drops. I mean this Sunday we’ll have 5 legendaries to chose from, how are we suppose to chose them when there’s like 1 or 2, if that, green drops in the area?

Ludia always present something great and then ruin it with something like this.

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