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Green towers gone - Where's my coins?


So normally I get 14200 from orange towers and 7100 from green.

There are no green towers today, orange tower limit is still 14200… This is getting ridiculous. The coin traffic jam is already utterly ludicrous and causes a lack of variety of dinosaurs in the game. If people had more coins they would level different dinos, not just the select few.

Also the treasure chest “hunt” does not compensate for lack of green towers as I drove 20km this morning, not a chest in sight, not one. Really… not good at all. AND we use to get the chests on top of the towers.

VIP is not being renewed that is for sure… what a disappointment


You def need to collect all your coins when they are released the night prior to no strike events. In their wisdom of no events we can’t have the green drops either. It’s called LL. Ludia Logic

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Love it…LL indeed…Yep definitely need to try and get the coins the night before, but you also miss out on 24hrs of collection for that day too. Wish they also had the event schedule in the news section of the game so it was readily available like the “news” of Find the Proceratosaurus…

Really not working in the best interest of their clients… LL


According to their schedule, they replace event supply drop with treasure chest. Basically the coin increase from 7,500 to 15,000 which is 50% more coin. Thus, you get 15,000 more coin this week from two additional treasure chest events. Is that not enough for you?

The only problem is we only have one day to hunt common DNA. 36 attempts with spread out event supply drop in a working day is very hard to achieve to be honest.


That is if you can open each chest which is spread out every six hours and not very plentiful. I preferred multiple chests and it was up to you to seek them out to collect the coins at once. Something that I’m guessing what was happening so Ludia devised a different method knowing players would miss one, sometimes two chests due to work and sleep schedules. You don’t believe they would just give you more coins from kindness? There’s always a catch. But I’ve become more and more pessimistic about this game since they can’t even adjust the stun percentages as @Marktheshark has been mentioning.