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Green Towers Spawn

Dear Ludia,

What is wrong with the GREEN TOWERS? In the last ten days the green towers spawn about 2 kilometers away from home / work and its density has decreased a lot.

Also me and my alliance coleagues have been in trouble to reach boss spwans to engage battles.

It seems like the newly addition of boosts in the green towers also changed its spawn mechanics.

Would like some clarification on this please.

Thank you.

Hey, @LoironJWAF. This is not uncommon as supply drops(this includes event supply drops) spawn randomly and are moved based on random points of interest as mentioned in our FAQ here . The same applies to bosses. While they do change and reposition every morning at dawn, we do not control the specific point in the map where they will reappear. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at Thank you!