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Green Wounding Incubator

That incubator was not worth getting to an advanced player. Put different epics in it, that was my first green incubator and it was not good.

So, why did you buy it then?


You people are what make this game worse

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Ok whatever you say

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It is called a themed epic/premium

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You can clearly see what epics dinos the incubator may give before you purchase it. If you weren’t happy with any of them you shouldn’t have bought it. If you were happy with some of them then you knew it was random.

What makes this game worse, besides Ludia, is people that buy RNG based incubators and then complain that they didn’t like the result.


What do you mean by “You people”!?
You are the one buying something and then complaining that what you bought is not what you want… So why did you buy it? You could also answer the question so “We people” have some sort of clue why on earth you would buy an incubator like this.


Too late, but:


None of the purchased incubators are worth it.
This was reported many months ago at Metahub.

Hey, now you know!

Be careful how much you spend and what you use for payment on mobile games.
Micro transactions are the devil’s gotcha.
People spend FAR more in micro-transactions than they ever would for one purchase.

For example, a console game won’t sell at over three or four hundred bucks, but a mobile game will net easily over a grand with an enthusiast.

Those one time offers of $50/ea with 20 levels… (I know, they start cheap but they rise dramatically, and you’re hooked by L15) Those alone are far more than a console game, and you didn’t even notice.

I can’t imagine how many players blindly throw $50 at a whack on their CC, not noticing the rise until they can’t even afford to make the minimum payment, then go bankrupt. It’s a common thing. This game is based on gambling addictions.


I already suggested someone called Mark in support email a change on incubators on store.

I was one of those that made the game worsen by buying 3/4 of them when gaining a level…

The point is assuring the player the reward they deserve for the amount of money they pay.

It is… Create an specific incubator that gives you 10000 Rex DNA or any other dino. Why buying a random incubator if I am creating Thor, Tryko and I am receiving 200000 majundasaurus??

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At least $66.67 (if you bought 15k cash) worth of buyer’s remorse. It’s a foul taste.

It would be easier if you can stop making these topics thate make no sense in the first place

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That… whoops

Moral of the story, never make monetary purchases that involve this game. You will more than likely will not get what you want. I will never drop one red cent towards this game ever.


the discovery one was worth it to me.

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They all seemed worth it to me when I purchased them.

An unrealized $1,000 later, looking at it in hindsight, the game isn’t any more exciting in the top arenas than it is in the bottom arenas. The only difference is the creatures and the status in your mind that you have reached. The grass is just as green on both sides of the fence, so to speak.


it gave me 680 irri dna plus cash and coins. it benefited me and helped with one of my goals. i choose to waste my time on this game and i enjoy it whether you do or dont :grin:. thanks for your point of view though :+1: