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Grim, Limbo and Chaos

This is more of a meme than an actual suggestion, but even so, Y E S .

Yes, they’re a flock.

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Why is there no cooldown on the Fearsome Feast? Given that it can revive 2 of them at the same time, I am definitely not ok with that

That is a mistake. My bad.

Here’s the actual Thing:

maybe make FI into GFS and make GSS Into GDS( D in GDS is definte)

also give rend resist

I’m heavily against Rend Resist as a concept.

Ok. Good. These guys are terrifying though. I’m pretty sure this beats most, if not every creature due to the ability to heal 2 of its flock members at once, plus it buffs attack and Crit for a long time.

Actually it’s beat by Thor. I think

I somehow didn’t think about the ferocity heal. Maybe 50% of a heal would be more ideal.

That being said, distraction, counters and group attacks would help. And I don’t know how well it can live for three turns.

To the simulator!

flocks have rend resist since they all share a single health bar, meaning some can’t spam rend move and win

Rend moves aren’t group attacks. I think it still gets absorbed.

Even more battles. But given that most Group attacks have a 2 turn cooldown, they likely will win. I’m only saying Thor has he has that Instant Charge.

all flock should have rend resist because if ludia add flocks that can’t evade or distract, then rend moves can instanta kill a member easily and there some realism because there three members in a flock, and rend move can’t one shot a creature at full hp, so i act like it rending a singe member, not all of them

Plenty of moves kill Flock members easily. I mean, you can basically breathe on a flock member and it’ll die.

ok, i still think all flocks should have rend resist but i just gonna leave it, kinda tried of arguing back and forth

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