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Grind grind grind


Show me the most dna for any dino you have!

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67k from nundasuchus i believe

EDİT: yea my 67 k one was irritg2 too XD

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Probably same as everyone lol



I’m sure some of top players here can post some max dna dinos.

Another stat could be what is your highest collected dna for your lowest level dino?


You wanna see a broken hearth?you wanna see hopes crushed?you wanna see why my team is low level? Here: here is the reason

This is why i cant have nice things

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Got enough cash?


Wow, a small fortune must have been spent


I’ve spent all mine levelling up Suchotator :slight_smile:

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At least the Allo is useful now … so glad they have it spawning more …


Holy cow :scream:


I just love darting velo. Not anymore since I reached the limit, but after each donation I go back to the max amount :sweat_smile:
The same is true for tupandactylus and I reached the limit too on it and a few other dinos.

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Apparently I was flagged for asking someone kindly to stop trolling and go back to the topic.
I’m sorry for trying to keep people on topic :unamused:


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I think @Bluesbaby was saying that in a tongue-in-cheek respectful way… like… “ok… you win” type thing.

Ridiculous you were flagged though

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Just back to the topic.


L4 here. It’s been higher, but my suchotator is still only a 23.

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At the moment useless DNA


Man I never troll. I prefer the term goblin. But yes, back to topic!