When I’m stuck and can’t pass a dungeon I wish there were a way to go grind somewhere and level up and come back stronger instead of spending resurrection gems. I only have so many gems and I certainly don’t want to spent money on a mobile game. I gladly watch ads for coins or gems though.


When I first got stuck I thought that there would be a way to go backwards on levels to grind or something like that


After you finish the first boss, on dungeon 4-5 (not sure) there is a mode that you can use that is called: Challenge.
This is what you will be grinding. Nothing else.
You have a free run once every 5hours, or you pay 50gold to run through it and get a chance of equipment or gear. I hope you get atleast to the room 6 on challenge mode so you can have the chance of 2 dice (1x6 and 1x12) rolls for gear, because the Dice 6 has nothing usefull in, its all worth 50g so the only thing your grinding then is the exp…
Once you start rolling 6+ you can actually start to make gold out of those runs.

During those challenge, you hope to get secret rooms because these are pure gains. Money and equipment.

I’ll pray the RNGesus for you guys!


yes, challenge runs over and over!! and once you are able to get all three dice, its usually quite worth it. I am really hoping for some other single player adventures to be added as well


Grinding would be fine on challenges but can it refresh a little quicker than 5 hours please, especially if it’s the only choice


you missed it yesterday, there was an event challenge in sharpstone, double gold rewards for 3 gems. I did it at least 10 times myself, got 2K gold and a bunch of equipment.



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Which is ur level? Can u print ur heroes?


Well-done!!! When did u start to play?

Started in the beginning of November, so about 7 months. Never spent a dime until today either. Just bought VIP to give it a whirl. Although I have mined about 7k gems from tapjoy.

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Good to know that!
Here is my actual progress! Which team should I invest to accomplish 3 dice rewards?


That was my first thought. Let me go back and grind a bit to get stronger. Now i see myself stuck in less than a DAY of PLAYING!

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I think your gems would be better spent on getting rare equipment packs for your top heroes in durnans than on rezzing your team in a dungeon.

In fact being stuck on a dungeon level is likely a good thing as you can keep repeating the level until you hit some secret rooms.

Nice team, i m acctualy tring to improve with this community suggestion

I think at the moment you should use the cleric, wizard, dragonborn, and fighter. Keep taunt on the fighter when you can, and keep him healed.


I love the game, I’m just writing to release Mirt.

Thank you!

Which challenge did u try at tapjoy?

I tried the research challenge and it’s never works for me. Do u have any instructions?!

PS: I made two dices and unlock the chest room before the second boss, but died at this room when I tried kkkk

Cara estou neste mesmo lugar…preso na mesma missão de exploração em menos de 24h de jogo…

I did the final fantasy XV one, took about 2 weeks I think.