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Gronckle ranking run

I can not continue ??


Same with me. Did a complete re-install and it still has the empty quest that prevents going forward.

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I have the same problem

Hello, everyone. To those affected, please reach out and provide your support key to our support team at so they can take a closer look at this. Thank you for understanding!


I’m having difficulty too

Yes. I’ve written. the answer came. The problem was not solved. They said they would give compensation. I am waiting.

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Plz fix this before it’s to late. Ludia you better act quickly we need that gold card


I received in-game support help. They said they would only give compensation. I’m still waiting.

unfortunately, they said they can’t fix the problem.

it’s full of bugs, not even a report through the game can be sent. Another thing is a lot of cheaters in the game, but I’ll make a new thread for it.

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Ronald, I emailed Support two days ago and attempted twice to contact through the game (but it wouldn’t send) about the Gronckle Run bug, but I haven’t heard anything back. Is this being fixed? I would like to finish before it’s over.

I couldn’t even send an email via the game - it wouldn’t allow it. Hoping to get compensated as well. And yet my husband had no problems with the Gronckle Run.

Seriously ludia your than Digital Extremes.

I had the same issue, reported it to support in-game a few days ago and received the promised rewards this morning. Just wanted to say things do get resolved, and it can be good to have patience.