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Ground Birds of Prey Theme Team

This Team held it’s own in the 3800 trophy range I’m in. I didn’t get Dilo or Procera picked but the others seemed to do well.

My Team 20200119

I need to work on an A-Z team where I start with A’s, B’s, C’s and then after each creature is used in battle, I swap it out to the next creature alphabetically.

If I use all creatures level’s 20 to 21, I will have 80 creatures to go through at this moment.
If I expand from 18 to 21 that is only 85 and a 4 level (15%) difference which should work.

This will make it interesting without having to think of what creatures to put together on a team.


Yeah, I think you would do super well with that team at 3800. I a running unboosted 20 to 21’s at 4300 and they are holding their own.

Love these themed teams of yours!

Was this team or the long neck team more fun to play with?