Group attacks don't seem to be working

In the Coin Tournament today, I have an Acrocanthosaurus in my team. It has a base attack of 1700; using Group Cleansing Strike against a pack of Compsognathus (the compys did not have Dodge active), I noticed that it still only does the group-damage limit of 1200; shouldn’t it have done 1700? Did something change that I missed? Are the “group” attacks now only for Apex groups? I am confused.

No, they do work fine, it’s just that Group Cleansing Strike targets your group, not the opponent group. Ludia should really clarify it.


Ohh, I see. Thank you!

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Yeah. There should be a change to some moves from “Group” to “Team” so that it’s a little easier to remember what targets what. I dont remember who said it, but I know someone did. Also just more move name changes in general to appropriate names.

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It’s not hard to read the description.

Yes, but it would be a nice QoL change.