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Group Ferocity Strike has too long cooldown

Gorgosuchus got some changes. Ferocious strike, with effects that lasted this and next two turns was changed in Group Ferocity strike that lasts only this and next turn, but has 3 turn cooldown. Why?

With damage nerf Gorgosuchus is barely usable in arena and tournaments, while there are much better options for raids too, due to GFS. To be more useful GFS should get lower cooldown or should last longer. So long long cooldown for such short effect isn’t needed.

@E.D @Ned

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Agreed. This makes nundasuchus better than both kaprosuchus and postosuchus. It should be 3 turns of ferocity


Yeah, in arena GFS functions the same as persistent ferocious strike, which is a basic attack with no cooldown! The least they could do is make the ferocity last a turn longer for GFS, especially with that cooldown.

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