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Growing alliance recruiting

Hello, SHEEP MAFIA is an average alliance looking to rank up in leaderboard. No player level or specific trophies required, the only requirement we have is to play weekly tournaments and kill 10 dinos (you need Badlands unlocked obviously).
In exchange, we can offer weekly incubators 9/8 and being part of a very friendly family. You will have complete freedom on sanctuaries, no strict rules!! Please add as a friend RippedHammer1#5279 or catchmemortempls#5579 before sending join request.
Have fun and enjoy the game, my friends!

Oo hello!

Might as well introduce you to me!

Well you know sometimes the forum can be funny and also helpful
This forum can help get raid members like me

Yeah also the pvp trophy’s are old but the team is new so you can add me! I can help although I’m a noob : ( well I can let you decide since you are new here!

(Edit) the monlometrodon has stat boosts!

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Hello my friend!! Thanks for your interest. As i wrote in the first message, we don’t need specific level, team or trophies, we only ask to play weekly tournament and do 10 takedowns. I guess you don’t have badlands unlocked yet, so maybe not able to play tournaments yet? Let me know if for some reason you are able to (some people in our alliance is below 2.000 trophies but for some strange reason are able to play tournaments).

I’m almost to badlands also