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I still have yet to see Grump anywhere, he should have been a champion of berk before windspear was even added and he is still no where to be heard of. Also what about scaldrans?

The dragons are added when they’re added. :man_shrugging: I don’t know if there’s any specific reasoning behind which one is released after the other, but it could very well be just that it’s random. I know that they plan to integrate all, if not the vast majority of the canon dragons into the game eventually.

In the end, however, that’s the key word; ‘eventually’. Grump is a pretty big name dragon though, I’m sure it won’t be too long. :+1:


Hotburpbles have been out for a long time now, and windspear has been out for a while too, theres no reason grump shouldnt already exist

Sorry, man. As harsh as this may sound, the dragons don’t come out based on one person’s (or a small group’s) want or expectation. Grump, as I said, is a pretty big name dragon. He’ll be released. You’ll just have to be patient. They can’t all be released at once, and they have to consider everyone.

I’ve seen him before in the book of dragons as a green legendary dragon of Berk’s Champion. A hotburple.

Ability is if my memory serves, 1.some damage against enemy dragon, 2.bonus health for allies, and 3. Cleanse ally negative buffs.

They took him off when the dread fall toothless comes up.

Yep, he exists! He’s certainly planned to be released. Just like the others. It’s just a matter of when.

There’s probably some juicy data in the wiki too, actually.

EDIT: Wiki has his abilities as:

“Target Foe Takes ???% Damage, 1 Other Foe Takes Ricochet Damage
All Allies Cleanse Negative Effects
All Allies Gain +???% Bonus Health”

I’m super glad my brain still works.

Haha~! You certainly were on par :wink: honestly nowadays I have to double and triple check things just to make sure.

Hes appeared on the book last time, this is a super strong dragon, lasttime, his ability is hit two enemy with 225% attack, cleansing and 30% hp buff, slow spirit