Grylenken, Enteloceros and Sinokotaraptor

Hello everybody. This week I had the brilliant idea of ​​updating my secondary account team, replacing some creatures to put hybrids that I really like.

I was thinking about taking BigRat and putting Gry in his place, taking Brachi and putting Ceros and taking Ornithomimus, putting Sinoko in his place. As Ornito is level 26 and it’s amazing it might not be a good idea to get him out. Maybe I could put some of these legendaries on my main account?

(Note: As much as Phorurex have a great design and is fun, I’m not interested in having him on my team)

Thanks for reading. Any suggestion is welcome!


Lvl up enteloceros and replace Ardentismaxima, replace Tryko or smilo with gry (when lvled up) and Sinokot is kinda bad


In addition to having an amazing design, Sinoko really performs well even though don’t have skills with damage and rally like many others. It is for these and other reasons that I would like to have him in one of my teams.


If that’s the case, I’d replace Phoru with Sinko, and rest I’d do what @Quetzor suggested

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As I don’t have any creatures with no escape/ on escape on my main account I believe that Gry could be the most viable option and the others legendaries I can put on my secondary account. It’s a shame that I already took her to level 21 (in second acc) but it could be useful in Legendary tournaments.

Thanks for the suggestions and observations!