Grylenken hybrid concept

A friend sent me this very nice picture of a creature concept. So I hoped on jwatoolbox and got to work. (sadly I don’t know who made it so I cannot give credit).

Although it seem op at first, on an even playing field it gets counter hard by Diloracheirus, Antarctovenator, Magnapyritor, Indoraptor, Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Quetzorion (though this one might be a bit of a gamble), Parasauthops, Poukandactlus, Gorgotrebax, Refrenantem, Hydra boa, Hadros Lux, Monolorhino, Phorurex, Andrewtops, Erlikospyx, Utarinex, Compsocaulus, Smilonemys, Erlidominus, Scorpius res g3 and it ether draws or loses to Skoona and Testa


Nice concept


I would love to see that in game

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You know, a lot of JWA players say that Grylenken is a forgotten legendary creature. I would love to give it the respect it deserves.


Turns out that image is the beta design for grylen

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I absolutely love this design! The idea is superb, especially since it’s already crocodilian, Sarco would be a perfect combination!!

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The design is really damn cute lol

It’s Grylenken’s alternate design, which I hope they retake in case they give it a Super Hybrid with crocodilian DNA.


cool and cursed

I would have preferred croc animation

Because there are no croc animation legendaries