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Grylenken no longer has counter attack!

Why would you take Grylenken’s counter attack away?! This really has me so frustrated and that was one of the main features I loved about the creature. Then, you guys make it to where Indominus can be distracted 50%! This update completely sucks in my opinion. You guys changed so much stuff that it’s too much to deal with.


If you want that it’s fine but let’s just say there wouldn’t be too many people left to battle. And why are you complaining about Indo, being able to be distracted, it used to be fully immune. Mine can only do 750 on instant distract,

I’m complaining because I’m able to do so

And I know Indominus used to be 100% immune. That’s why I said what I said.

No I am saying that at least you can distract it now, you wouldn’t be able to on,y two days ago.

Oh, okay ten character,

I agree, Indy was nerfed and it is sad.

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Ever since the Mortem Rex came out, it seems they wanted to make Indominus weaker because she was too strong. But it doesn’t seem like many people are going to get Mortem Rex.

Against Mortem Rex she is stronger, the only way to beat it is to have bleeders, healers, and renders, they still do lots of damage even with 80% resist,

I totally agree.

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