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Grylenken Rework

Okay guys, am I the only one thats completely disappointed by the Grylenken? Its kit makes absolutely 0 sense, low damage, low speed, bad kit and counter out of nowhere. In my opinion it should get reworked, maybe something like this:

HP: 3500
DMG: 1200
Speed: 127
Armor: 10%
Crit: 20%

Evasive Strike
Ferocious Strike
Raking Claws

Swap in Dodge
Immune to deceleration
No escape

Whats your opinion? Which one do you guys like more? Let me now in the comments <3


I prefer the original, I like your idea though.

It should have an Armour piercing attack from the crock

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Your Grylenken is without doubt better than Ludia’s. In fact, Ludia’s crockatoo is horrible. He’s weak and his kit makes no sense.
Imo he should have SS instead of ES. With SS he would be able to deal with some faster creatures

My version of Grylenken

Ferocious strike
Raking Claws

Swap in Dodge
No escape
Immune to deceleration
Minor rending counter

3600 HP
1250 DMG
125 Speed
20 crit
15 armor

Like any legendary non-superhybrid, for me it is only a “component” of a unique future, so I don’t really care if it’s powerful or not.

The problem with it is that they have used precisely one of the most scarce DNA in the game and also already used for a unique that very few people have been able to evolve to 30. Therefore, for me neither this legendary nor the future unique when it appears (knowing Ludia, to annoy, will do it soon) they will exist except, at most, to create him for tournaments. It is a new creature created exclusively to please those few who spend a lot of money in the game and who already have the Grypo to 30 more, perhaps, to some new player who has not created the Grypo and never believes it anymore.

In my particular case, a couple of months ago I breached one of my main rules and I never tire of repeating new players: “You should never create a dino that you are not 100% sure will enter your team.” I in February created the Grypo and evolved it to 28 spending 2300 DNA to bring the epic from 15 to 20 and then 19,000 more to create the Grypo and bring it to 28. Plus one and a half million coins. Then, it was not useful to me and it did not enter the team, if I had not done it now I would have those 21,300 plus the 1,600 I have, in total 22,900 together with the 79,940 kelenken I have and a million and a half more coins. A pity but I never expected that Ludia would create a new hybrid precisely from that scarce DNA. The bad decisions are paid … except if your bad decision is to create the Yoshi, of course :slight_smile:

I just want to know, where did it get its counter attack from? Its the most irrational part of this creautre

it got it out of no where because its eventual hybrid will use it better. Kinda like how indom g2 got mutual furry out of nowhere and passed it down to indo g2.

So why wouldnt it get this counter eventually after fusing it with something that actually has it? Nearly all hybrids with counters have it from one of their parents. No Grypo nor Kelenken has a counter nor rending attack, completely out of place and makes no sense for the kit at all as well.

The same goes with brontolasmus and mammotherium. They got decel rampage and dig in from nowhere

I, I don’t know but I just like the counter attack. :neutral_face:

I one day was thinking why does not gryposuchus have counter attack and here we are with grylenken.

I actually think you’re undervaluing this little lady. ES with a 25% counter will be pretty good plus RC to deal with cloak or ES… I for 1 see this as having potential

i’m giving it a tournament before i decide on it.

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I don’t know if anyone has thought about it but this beast can destroy almost any non-immune creature that is not fully alive and is not very fast.


  1. You have a non-immune creature about to kill your opponent with a great blow. You have almost won the battle.

  2. The opponent changes this beast and since it has “Swap in Dodge” you do little damage to it.

  3. The opponent uses “immobilize” with 100% stun

  4. As we are already in the second turn, assuming it is faster, the opponent uses “Raking Claws” and destroys you without even touching it

  5. If the battle is not over yet, as two turns have already passed, this beast can march and return without taking any damage …

I would not say that it is lazy …

the OP’s Gryleken is a rework. it currently doesn’t have swap in dodge.

OKAY !!! goodness !!! because this way it would be a real beast

Phew, but I see it has a counterattack capable of killing a weak creature on the way out (25%) even if it takes a hit or ends it with distraction and waiting for the new dino with “raking Claws” … it is still very strong

I was calling him “clownface toothy bird” but I think I much prefer crockatoo. Thank you for the nickname.

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Don’t thank me, thank Gamepress instead. Crockatoo is theirs