Grymm Will Maybe Draw What You Want [CLOSED FOR NOW]

Hi. So. Due to Indonemys supposedly winning the polls and leaving me in a state of erratic malding and seething, I decided to do better and try doing some hybrid requests. However, I have conditions. Keep it simple, but interesting. You can say all you want, but if you give me a request I do not find interesting, I will ignore it and obviously not do it. This isn’t anything against you, it simply would not appeal to me. I want to enjoy doing this, not force myself to draw things I hate like lazy hybrid concepts, generic monster theropods, things that just don’t make sense to me at all, etc.

So…what do you want the Grymmster to do?

Update: 6/17/22: as of now due to “Grymm Will MAYBE Redesign Your Hybrids”, this page will be temporarily inactive until I get bored of redesigning.


Will you also do new creatures that aren’t in the game

Carnotaurus+Meiolania? I imagine it as a Carno with a fitted shell btw

It’s been while since I did my Creature File, so how about Qingcosaurus, a hybrid with Aucasaurus and Tsintaosaurus

I literally don’t care if its in game or not.

Ok then some suggestions

  1. Ouranotherium = andrewtherium + ouranosaurus
  2. Concadactylus = concavenator + dimodactylus (pteranodon rig)
  3. Brontoarctos = ailurarctos + brontolasmus
  4. Ichtyocephale =ichtyovenator + Prenocephale
  5. Zupayspinosaurus = zupaysaurus + gigantspinosaurus

How about a hybrid of Megaloceras and Kopiodon?

im just imagining ann exaggerated Majungasaurus

Thylaconyx + Titanoboa
thats all you need

Okay then


is it tho? :joy:

not a bad idea tho

Yeah. It has been a while since I was active here

I’m gonna request something that could be pretty interesting; Stethacanthus plus Microraptor. I’m thinking of a cursed dino bird with some weird bits and pieces of Stethacanthus in there.

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Beg + Zby hybrid


A hybrid of Electrophorus voltai, Hallucigenia sparca, Ampelosaurus atacis, and Sphyrna mokarran. I think you know where I’m going with this.


I would love a redesign of Spinoceratops – or why not something like Oxalaia x Triceratops for example. It would use the Spino rig but also blend both features somewhat equally (yet logically and of course also creatively.)

I’d actually like to sculpt this myself, but it’s just beyond my capacity. What would a Spino-ceratopsian head even look like? I need someone more skilled, imaginative and who really knows their dinos. I know you would nail it!

And if you wouldn’t mind, I could then use the concept for my sculpture later. Thank you for reading! :smile_cat:

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b e g


Nyctosaurus + Argentinosaurus + Deinoccheirus

Probably just like a duck billed sauropod with a crest

I got some here for you to possibly draw:

  1. A hybrid of Archelon, Ampelossaurus, and Nothronychus
  2. A hybrid of Dakotonops and Kentrosaurus
  3. Mantarmavis, a hybrid of Ardontognathus and Alankylosaurus.
  4. Now a bizarre one. Lycaenops mixed with Jinyupelta and Madstoia, and also throw in some Skorpiovenator DNA in there as well because why not.
  5. One more simple one: Sarcosuchus + Antarctopelta

If you could do these that would be awesome, but take as much time as you need obviously.