Grymm Will Maybe Draw What You Want [CLOSED FOR NOW]

Maybe these:
Majungasaurus + Diplocaulus:Majungasaurus with Diplocaulus head
Brachiosaurus + Irritator:A Carnivorous Brachiosaurus
Doedicurus + Pachycephalosaurus:A Pachy with a shell

Sauroposeidon + argentavis magnificens and maybe add Theriz in it too.

So it would be mix of Theriz/Sauro base shape with large arms with large claws and lots of feathers.
Thing would be too heavy to fly but it would use the feathers on it’s arms as a threat display or for mating.
It would also be covered in large feathery coat like that theriz has (not JW ver) It would have a large long neck cause of sauro and would kind be like emus we have today. It would mostly walk on two legs but can walk on four for short periods. It would also keep sauro’s small spike like things on it’s back going down to it’s tail. Heck why not add some amarga in it (aka the sails)

It’s lifestyle would be mostly peaceful and grazing the trees for fruit or tasty leaves. But when it sense a threat it would become very aggressive.

Interesting. Yeah Spinoceratops genuinely bored me as a design when potential was relatively high. Will do!


Glyptoceras would like a word :joy:


Interestingly, there is a spec. evo. series called Serina that may actually have something like that. I’d also just recommend checking it out in general as well


I think something that would look pretty interesting is Bajadasaurus + Pterodaustro, then you could either combine it with Enteloceros or just do the first fusion, up to you really.

My suggestions

  1. gryleken + deinotherium
  2. Alankylosaurus + erlikogamma

I really dont like the “already in-game hybrids” as a basis. I wanna see somethin more…original. If ye know what I mean.

i know i said “i dont care”, but that applies to just the actual animals.

Well how about a mix between irl utahraptor and brachiosaurus and kentrosaurus and another one between a gastornis and moschops.

How about a redesign of an in-game hybrid?

oh theres just too many to do. itll take too long. perhaps tho, but youd have to be more specific.

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Concept? Rough draft, only meant to be a drawing board

For the first ability,
Resilient Strike

Either Distracting moves (Distraction, Distracting Impact, Distracting Strike), or swoop moves (only if Swap in Invincibility)

Fierce Rampage
Reasoning: Darwez has Fierce Impact and Tenorex has Defense shattering rampage, combine them that way

Either Emergency Group Heal or Instant Invincibility

Swap in,
Swap in Wound if Instant Invincibility
Or Swap in Invincibility if Emergency Group Heal

On Escape,
Invincibility On Escape gives wiggle room for another Swap in, but only if Emergency Group Heal AND Swap in Wound
Or Minor Heal on escape, if Instant Invincibility

I’ve seen a few posts on people wanting Darwezopteryx Mega hybrids, so heres an idea that would give Darwezopteryx more attack power


Tryostronix. Basically, changing the head for a more Dimetrodon shape, adding a covering to its spines, and adding scutes from Postosuchus.

Unfortunately for you I’m way too biased for Tryostronix as its one of my favs but i will consider it. i shouldnt be biased when it comes to spec design.

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well, I’ll post only one, but the one I like the most (maybe I’ll bring another one that I like a lot). Okay, Spinotasuchus + Sarcorixis. Well, what could a superpredator like Spinotasuchus lack? Armor and a more powerful bite, possibly. That’s what Sarcorixis brings, a probably T-Rex-level bite and worthy ceratopsian armor. It would be a slightly longer, more robust Spinotasuchus with a less tight jaw, like Rixis (crocodiles in general). It would be green (bruuh, blue/purple Spinotasuchus is ridiculous), with its armor and spikes pulling a little more to a light brown. I hope you like it and have enough information if you do something with it (it’s worth mentioning that the two have an intimate relationship with water, I like that)

Calssic misspelling

Oh wait i did it again

as if a literal crocodylomorph and a robust dromaeosaur isnt enough for spinotasuchus?

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I wouldn’t say it’s a matter of not being enough, but of being able to be more. Well, neither Kapro nor Utah give you armor, let alone a strong bite. Assuming he hunted like a crocodile (eh, something like that, you know), a more powerful bite would be insanely useful, as none of his predecessors have (with those unique Kapro teeth it would be incredibly brutal). Well, I think you didn’t like it, but it happens ^^