Grymm Will Maybe Draw What You Want [CLOSED FOR NOW]

So what you’re saying is that the idea would be a spinosaur-like creature being more convergent to that of actual crocodylomorphs?

behold, the first four of this.


Fantastic job! I really like Irisornis and Aerotyrannus. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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Glad u like em!

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yes yes, like that (a theropod crocodile, doesn’t sound very good, but it would be something like this ^^), would continue with Spinotasuchus body, but more adapted to live and act like a crocodilian, stronger jaw to hold and kill prey, more skill with water and armor than Sarcorixis has. I see Spinotasuchus as a Spinosaurus with more ability to defend itself on land and more skill in water, while Spinotahrixis is a more robust dinosaur with habits similar to a crocodile, but that can defend itself against anyone on Earth, thanks to its bite. powerful and her armor

I have a nice little request, just a yi+dsungaia would be neat I think make it however you want if you do make it, since you’re the genius

I have a request. Spinosaurus and crylophosaurus. Easily my two favorites since crylophosaurus is just interesting, and spino is the only jurassic park antagonist to not die on-screen. But really it is more in details really. A carnivore from the region of modern day Antarctica, to the spinosaurus in modern day sahara, one of the hottest places on earth. With the anatomy of the bones. One has thinner bones, the other made for hunting. Both are tyrants in their own respective place, so it would be interesting to have a piscivore be put into a carnivore. And maybe some feathering idk. A bit boring concept just on reading, but in paper and research it is a combo that would be highly unlikely.

Wait… Indomnemys won? I thought it was geminideus by the looks of the forum polls.

BTW @Grym_REDACTED love your art! Really great job!

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if only…

if only…

Wow, that was fast! I love the ”river-beast” in its natural habitat. You even gave her webbed feet – brilliant altogether, as expected! These are all amazing. Thank you!

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Struthiomimus + giganotosaure please

If three is fine then can you do a Baryonyx+Stygimoloch G2+Indoraptor G2
If you can only do two creatures could you do Indoraptor G2+Baryonyx

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Of course! Happy sculptin!

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In Jurassic Antarctica, it was actually quite warm, and barely recieved any snow, so a Cryolophosaurus may have had never seen snow in its life.

And the idea is yet again just two theropods being shoved together. The only thing I can come up with is the JP3 Spinosaurus (by finding a middle ground between Cryolophosaurus and Spinosaurus’ stubby legs) with the crest and maybe a lesser subnarial kink which wouldnt matter because I draw lips over theropod teeth anyway.

What would that be in terms of looking interesting? That’d be a feathered carcharodontosaur with an extended neck and longer le-actually…hmmmmm…

I despise Indoraptor so no. Try being more original.

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What about this?

i guess, maybe.

How about these? You can skip the 2nd and 3rd one if you want.

none of these quite has that OOMPH that im feelin from the others ive done. Not a lot of new and interesting possibilities, just kinda…just another hybrid, yknow?

I need things that REALLY intrigue me. Like the ones that make me stop and think “hmmm, how CAN i do that?”