Grymm Will MAYBE Redesign Your Hybrids

Ok, so, this is like my previous thing where I just drew what you wanted. However, there is a catch. Here, you will show me your designs for YOUR hybrids, and then what I do is “Grymmify” them to how I see fit, as an exploration of how others draw stuff. So, what I want is actual drawings that you did of your hybrids that you wanna see me ruin-I meaaaan, redesign.

And I swear to god I can already predict certain things that’re gonna happen.


ok, first, my very creative hybrid with very unique design, albertosaurus+cerato, ik you’d love it, here’s the example

Joke request, please, I actually have some design creativity I swear

Just a question really, no real request, yet, any limit to hybrid ingredient list? Mainly what I have in mind is seeing your interpretation for one of my entries for your APEx or other hybrid art contests, but they just have lenghty lists but curious to see how they could be “Grimmified” if worthy


In this case, there is nothing like APEx or anything I’d normally do. It’s just me reinterpreting your hybrid drawings.


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My first hybrid is a bit of a mess, because I’m awful
At drawing, but the premise is Charlie the Velociraptor + Dimetrodon Gen 2. I know, it’s basically Spinoraptor, but I such at drawing and never got it to its full potential.

Also a quick question: Are we allowed to use drawings of hybrids? For example: Indominus + IDK Albertosaurus drawing? Just an example.

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(I didn’t actually know what this guy was made of at the time)
So probably like Einiosaurus, Allosaurus, Eremotherium, and Iguanodon

Einio is the frill and the horn, and some of the build
Allo is the claws and some of the build
Eremo is mostly for the build and weight
Iguanodon is the main build and positioning

Also wasn’t the reward for the recent contest on the Toolbox server a redesign of the winner’s creature?


I have since rethought the colours (black stripe with a dappled green and blue body)

Here’s one of the only two full-body sketches of a hybrid I’ve made that isn’t slapping two creatures together, made back in December last year. Garchonychus (if that sounds familiar the redesign should be a lot easier) uses the components Utahraptor, Carcharodontosaurus, Eucladoceros, Tupandactylus, Brachycneme, and Great White Shark. If it isn’t interesting enough I can make something else, I haven’t made a hybrid in a month or two and only got into art last summer so I didn’t have many options without creating something completely new for this.

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Whats it made of?

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Who is this and whats it made of?

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Geminititan +sinoceratops

So it’s supposed to be suchomimus + pteranodon + stigymoloch.

Indoraptor gen 3, a mega hybrid of Indoraptor gen 2 and Dakotaraptor

If you don’t feel like doing my first request, then I would like you to do this one. It would be Blue with Dilophosaurus crests and frills, with some color mixture and some feathers on there as well

Dodo x scorpios gen 3
It’s a little bit old but I think it will do


So might this be worth something, I haven’t got a name for it yet, open to suggestions, but tis a hybrid composed of megalania, albertosaurus, therizinosaurus, and spinosaurus
curious to see how if possible this could look in your style as well as the others


2 spinosauruses?


oh darn, little mistake there, better change that to the proper ingredient real quick lol
thank you for catching that



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@Grym_REDACTED isn’t even doing anything for us