Grymm's Challenge Submissions!

Hiyo, hiyo, everyone who found this!!! Here is where I’ll be posting the submissions y’all made for customized fusion/hybrid creatures! If you want to see your creation or ideas Grymm-ified, just dm me personally and I will respond as soon as I can!


@Dimodactylus’s creature: Gallimimus + Carnotaurus (TOP)
@Carnokiller1’s creature: Triceratops + Parasaurolophus + Pyroraptor (RIGHT)
@Dinobai18’s creature: Ankylosaurus + Alanqa + Marsupial Lion/Thylacosmilus (BOTTOM)
@CADEN_EPIC’s creature: Spinosaurus + Rajasaurus + Nodosaurus (LEFT)


Got a lot of hybrids and superhybrids to show you for my creature file

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Okay here they are. I want it separated please.

Utahtonia: Fuse with Utahraptor and Gastonia

Diplobex: Fuse with Pyrenean Ibex and Diplovenator

Bajaraptor: Fuse with Bajadasaurus and Megaraptor

Archaeovenator: Fuse with Archaeotherium and Icthyovenator

Dimosaurus: Fuse with Pawpawsaurus and Dimodactylus

Mongolodactylus: Fuse with Mongolostegus and Dimodactylus

and finally

Bohliniatrodon: Fuse with Bohlinia and Monolemtrodon

Can I have them color as well?

um…one, i said to dm me, two thats A LOT of options there, and 3 i wont color them for the sake of my own time. I’ll…choose one of them.

Oh. I’m very sorry about that

I wasn’t even paying attention to that. I’m sorry

its cool. I’ll choose Bajaraptor lol

Awesome! Thanks

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Can you make this dino?

Mordros lex= Mortem Rex + hadros lux

Ik the name sounds funny but pls make it

What about cera magnus?

whaddid i tell y’all about dm’ing me? But to answer y’all’s questions, I’ll do the Mordros Lux, and for Ceramagnus…i dont know what that looks like fully, so i cannot. (Also i really dislike ceramagnus for some reason)

Ah yas le rule breakers yet thou showed merci XP


@Incisivosaurry’s creature: Incisivosaurus, Cotylorhynchus, Sharovipteryx, and Dollocaris (TOP)
@The_Dinosaur_Guy_fro’s creature: Brindabellaspis + Hallucigenia + Occulodentavis + Yutyrannus (LEFT)
@Apple’s creature: Bajadasuarus + Megaraptor (RIGHT)
@FiddleTheDiddle’s creature: Mosasaurus + Kronosaurus + Dunkleosteus (BOTTOM)


Nice. I’ll dm you next time

Uhh. Is it left don’t you mean?

Your creature is the one on thr right.

I usually go by the three-strikes rule when it comes to things like this. Next time it happens, I start getting genuinely upset.

Oh I see it now. I was confused by the spike which looks like a Sauropelta

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Sniff* Sniff* it’s so beautiful ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

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