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I’m starting up somethin’ again. Here’s a place where I can take small requests for people’s hybrids, and even host potential hybrid competitions. We can also just talk about hybridization and how someone can make good or improve on their own creations.


Small requests? Interesting. How about

Gallimimus and koolasuchus?

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Hope this isn’t too much to ask for, but could you please draw a hybrid of boa gen 2 + a ceratopsian? Could be any of your choosing

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My small request :

Dododracos = dodo + dracoceratops

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This isn’t my hybrid but a gift for @Apple and one of his hybrids, specifically Ampelorex. Ampelosaurus base and armor with the head of the Indominus, plus the quills that surround it. Maybe clawed feet if Apple doesn’t object.

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Aww. You didn’t

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Oh well…

Atopondetatus + Oculudentavis

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You’ve had a long career here coming up with creatures and new hybrids and you’ve got a lot of hybrids you requested from artists, why not ask on your behalf?

I rarely ask artist requests

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Slogo you know that Occuldentavis is now confirmed to be a lizard? Recent studies have shown its actually a crushed lizard skull that just looks avian. Its not a dinosaur.

It thought it was a bird


Yes I do

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You’re saying you can’t be able to do it? I mean it’s tiny but Slogo never described it or the hybrid as a bird or birdlike here.

Tyrannolophasaur= spynocerosinoraptorsaur

It is a “small” request

My largest request

I can do it no problem. It just wont look interesting.

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She can only do a small one. Mostly one or two

What the…no. I’m not doing this. This is asking for way too much. Go find Ultimasaurus, because that is what you’re looking for.

I can do very large lists, but that sorta thing is the kind of…well, childish and overall lazy hybrid idea that I want to avoid. And if I am sounding harsh, it is because I’ve seen that kinda stuff before, and it pains me to even look at it sometimes. There’s a lack of love to them.