Grymm's Hybrid Channel

I know, Grym

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LoL I guessed that

Then don’t even bother. Come on.

dimondactylus + indoraptor

Ooh, hybrid channel!

Aight!! First batch of requests are comlplete!!

@Dimodactylus 's creature: Gallisuchus!
@Snake_Dude 's creature: Diabolotitanus!
@Altithorax_Perotorum 's creature: Draceraphus!
@Slogokok34 's creature: Atopoculus!
@Shaurya2010 's creature: Indomidactylus!
@Apple 's creature: Ampelorex!


i wish i could draw like this

Who knows, maybe you will in the future!!

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well every apex creature combined together

Believe me, I’ve tried. It isn’t worth the effort, too excessive combining every aspect of every Apex creature.

okay so
Magnapyritator + Erilindonimus

Why not trying actual creatures to make unique designs out of, instead of using already-existing creations? When it comes to making something truly amazing, use what already exists as a template, an inspiration, rather than using what already is present.

okay gigantosaurus+ allosaurus

Eh. They’re both allosauroids. Fusing both would be like asking a cross between a Tarbosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus.

okay um grykelenken + Mortem rex

Again. Like I said before, try being more original.

Specially with a total of 7

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dimondactylus + suchotator

smilodon + pteranodon

Ok, so, I would please like to request: Edestus+ Arthropleura+ hatzegopteryx+ Gigantspinosaurus.
I hope this isn’t too wacky/weird.