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Gryploth is out!, and other disscusions

The boss is here! It has arrived!


Well … West Coast USA here…had only Sino for a few minutes now ONLY Grypo!

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Same thing happened to me an hour ago. I made a gaming reference that happened to mix with religion, and I was flagged as well. It is ridiculous. I mean why? Who on here has actually been offened by saying anything about religion on these forums. I doubt anyone does, as we are here to talk about the games we like and how to make them better. Most of us likely couldn’t care what others say about their religion. We are gamers, for goodness sake. We are usually a very accepting group that can make these jokes and take them. This is just ridiculous. Please stop this patroling of religious words. This is madness, not Sparta. When we say Thank (insert religious figure of choice), it’s not to offend anyone, its just a slightly more invigurating form of Thank goodness. Its time to stop, chill, and let us post with having to follow this absurd and delusional rule of no religious figures. This isn’t me being mean, this is just a terrible rule that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

i’ll have you known that i’ve received several warnings for accidental using of the word on both forums, it’s just that they cannot detect every single one. Also pretty rude of you to call out some people just because you disobeyed the rules, i’m almost 100% sure you got just a warning, you didn’t need to point fingers. And to add to that I can no longer edit the post, so I can’t change it, also meaning that they shouldn’t warn me because there’s nothing I can do about it

if you are getting suspensions for doing that it means that you have been warned or punished in the past, so consequences (even of the smaller things) are going to be more severe. If that is not the case then you need to just deal with it and try your best not to say the G word


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