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Grypo raid hit box

As we can see there is a Grypo right on top of me today, and when I have tried to dart the turtle (Melonania?) it is taking me to the raid…

How’s about instead introducing new creatures etc, why not fix the known bugs within the game first…


Its the dumbest thing most of the time… I think they ought to increase the radius of the path it travels so ypu can actually tap parts of the map

This happens so often, had the carno raid right over an epic strike tower,no matter how hard I tried I just kept hitting the raid boss, had to wait overnight till the raids changed so annoying, needs fixing tbh.

Hey Sean_Rowan, I’m sorry to hear that the creature you were trying to dart, was blocked by the Grypolyth Raid boss. This is an issue our team is currently working on a fix for.

How about making a toggle switch so you can remove bosses and sanctuaries from the map until you want them?

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