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Grypolith help needed

I’m still trying to figure out how best to use Grypolith in pvp battles. When to use him and when to use the right moves. Any advice is appreciated.

I’m sorry I would like to be able to help you but I don’t own the Grypolith and therefore I cannot help you.
If you send me your stats, I can help you out.

A new grpo player myself and I run rinex in my team. So I try to match the rampage swap out with grypo coming in and dealing a counter. Will take a hit, so just heal and hopefully survive second hit and counter again. Even better if the opp dino has 0% swap resistance.


Best used as a closer or swapping into an opponent going for a little hit, your first move should almost always be FD, but try to prioritize keeping Grypo alive

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One thing to keep in mind are the number of creatures resistant to rend (your counter-attack).

A few, but not all, creatures that resist and will probably beat Grypo:

Monolometrodon is nearly immune with 75% resist and in a few months Gorgotrebax will join in.

50% that you will likely face: Magna, Indominus Rex, Tyrostronix, Monolorhino, Quetzorion, Erlidom, and Pterovexus.


Thanks for info everyone.

Once it’s leveled and boosted enough, you’ll never fear Hadros Lux, Ceramagnus, or Diorajasaur again

when it’s allmost dead, and your heal is still on cooldown, think about swapping it out… when your opponent dino is low, but kills your dino, you can then swap it back in… The counterattack will take care of the dino, while you heal yourself…