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Grypolith in 1.7


  • Rebuilt as a “sustained rending counter attacker”. Ferocity Strike becomes Regeneration. Counter attack becomes Rending Counter Attack . Lockdown strike becomes Immobilize . HP increased to 4440.

To the people who are using it, how do you feel about grypo? Is it worth including it in the team? Any strategies on how to use it?

Fell in love when i read those lines.
Now i am a stalker in these forums… to prevent a thread to call for nerf.

Aside this joke, it is pretty good and useful.
I have an average team of 27+ and i put my 23 lvl Grypo.

Immobilize and Regeneration is a cool toolkit


Grypo is the third tank, after Tryko and Dio. The good thing about these dinos is they can work even under leveled. Tryko less because he has the weaker counter, but more offensive power. Into a Dream team you will put the two best tanks (Tryko and Dio), the two best fighters (Magna and Thora), the two best assassins (Erlidominus and Draco), and then you have to choose two between three of the third position of each role: Grypo, Tenontorex and Dilo.


My team is: Thor, tryko, Indo, magna, dilorach, erlidom, Dio, rinex.
I am thinking of having grypo instead of rinex

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Don’t know.I was thinking that Rinex will be bad in this update…but still perform very good.
At the bottom line,try to put your most leveled Dinos.

Me too, but that x2 dmg and run is nice, plus the 10% crit.


Rinex is still good, but now is more clearly an assassin than before. The choice will be based one the level difference. In your position I’ve probably took out Indo because I hate the pure rng dinos.

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That’s also an option, I’ll try it out and see how it works. Thanks!

I’ve faced two so far and destroyed both. I’m sure they weren’t being used correctly though.

I’ve got immune dinos on my team though, so that helps.

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Tried using mine a few times in friendly battles for even playing field and it still sucks. Not worth it

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I say Tyrant. It’s incredible and using it depends on what your roster and what your facing. Regen is the key.

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Jeez, I made a thread with the exact same title (grypolyth, though) and it got folded into that dumb everything 1.7 thread.

I love mine now. Mostly a tanky tank buster, but I’ve also taken out indoraptors with it, and erlidom, too.


When I created the thread it said that there’s one already but couldn’t find it. It’s silly that they mix everything into one big unreadable thread

hadnt looked at it yet. immoblize + regen looks kinda broken :joy:j

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