Grypolith is a top tier?

Guys what do you think about Grypolith ?

  • Is bad
  • Is ok
  • Is good
  • Is a top tier dino

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I think It needs a little bit more to be a top tier, a rework to immobilize would be good.

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Dilophoboa and Constrictor:



Grypo: I can’t beat the cheese out of you without getting closer :crocodile:


Spino and dilophoboa: bring it Crocky you are no match for our counters.

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Ok counter attack, bad damage, worse speed, better than average defensive options, no speed control, no options for evasion or cloaking. The on-escape pin is cute but in an immune heavy meta I don’t really see value in it at top tiers.

It’s fine all around but I genuinely don’t get the fuss, and I really don’t see the justification for tyrant… Currently building a counter only team and I’m strongly considering forsaking Grypo altogether in lieu of Megalogaia.

Looking at it’s gamepress page it has a 100% loss rate to a basic ass Irritator. I find that speaks for itself.

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Sure, it’s not thaat good, but i don’t think megalogaia is better.

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It’s really not that bad, but my team just counters it.
I didn’t plan it, the chips just fell that way.

I think the point is that most meta teams will have a majority of those on their lineup by the time Grypo comes into play commonly.

T: amateurs

Gyrpo: what you say small fry…

Thylacotator: AMATERUS!

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Honestly I’m with you on the whole ist shouldn’t be tyrant but it’s not that bad in no way is megolina better

As its attack is poor it should have massive health and as my recent post explains it’s to hard to level up . Should be 50 gryposuchus per attempt not 200 . The only real way to level it up is in the sanctuaries they almost never in the wild

If you take its counter into consideration it’s damage output isn’t poor, depending on what you’re facing. It can take down the strongest dinos in the game, but against a lot of other creatures it crumbles.
It’s just very specialised.

Yeaaah but as I’m doing counters only, Grypo isn’t special.

Neither is Megalogaia for that matter, but immune to decel means it can at least try and counter the immune sauropods, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

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True but it also doesn’t have the bulk

Imo Sarcorixes is better than grypo.

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She’s got several shield options, regen, okay hp, and several speed control options.

She’s more defensively prepared than grypo.