GRYPOLYTH is one of the hardest uniques to attain mainly because Gyposuchus is almost never in the wild … yet once achieved it requires 200 Gryposuch dna each attempt to level up … surly this should be 50 per attempt in line with other dinos of the same caliber?

All Uniques with an Epic ingredient require 200 epic DNA per fuse. It is in line with other creatures of the same calibre.

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Dude I live in Zone 4, I have literally seen more Gorgosuchus than Gryposuchus in the past two months. That’s messed up.


Same here, Grypo pops up so less than others Epics because it only spawns at certain times. It still sucks.

I mean it cost 200 Rex for tryko and 200 silly for rhino so makes sense

its 24/7 now tho

I forget about the changes to Epics. Hopefully that means I can finally unlock Grypolyth soon.