Grypolyth armor not 20%?

Bug Description: When crit’ing against Grypolyth (+25% attk) with non-armor piercing attack, with no shields, the damage taken is only equal to the base damage (as if there were no critical) This would imply either criticals are only +20% in damage or that Grypolyth’s actual armor is 25%

Area is was found in: Gyro

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Hit Grypo with a rampage or any other non-armor attack (I was using Erlidom)
Step 2 - Make sure it crits
Step 3 - Not the damage is equal to your base * the attack (not crit) muliplier

I didn’t take a video as this was VS a bot for my DBI, but it should be easy to reproduce, outside of the RNG involved for a crit.

How often does it happen: Happened 3 times during the battle (bot swapped)

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

  • Will add later once I can get a friendly set up

Actually I think the results were consistent with the 20% armour stat. 25% base damage equals 20% damage with crit, so they cancel out. Try calculating it for yourself, with your Erlidom’s stats if you want.
Suppose your base damage was 1400.
25% of that would be 350, making damage with crit 1750. 20% of 1750 is, you guessed it, 350, reducing damage with crit back down to 1400.

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Oh, yup - math. I was quickly trying to get my dailies done before work so I didn’t work it through. You’re right!