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Grypolyth Boss Strategy

I want to know the grypolyth’s strategy because it ha 25% rending counter and 2 two tough minions and also 3 rounds , so which creatures can be selected to make team against grypolyth

Im using Tryostronix, Para or Touramoloch, Tenontorex, and Thor. I will see how well this goes.

This might be a good start :slight_smile:


We beat it with Maxima, turo, tenrex, and thor. However beware the fact that grypo attacks for different values on the tail whip on different creatures for some reason

I’ve heard some report about that. I didn’t notice in our raid, but I also wasn’t paying that close attention to it. It’s def odd that a armor piercing, non-rending attack would be different for different creatures.

It was doing about 1700 for the turo while it did 1500 for tenrex. I think it could be a rending move that is mislabled. Like a marsupial lion basic attack


Or it could be Ludia trying to round a number… Let me see:


Super easy, try Tuora Tryo Thor + some other chomper (Thor, Tenrex, etc)

I tested 2 strategies so far, tuora,tuora ,thor y thor. The other is tryotronix,tuora,thor y tenonto take less turns unlike the previous one

Here’s a video showing Tryo, Thor, Tentrex and Tuora taking down Grypolyth in 8 turns across the 3 rounds.

Video: Grypolyth Boss Raid Takedown

The moves used could certainly be refined overall but it does show that you can take Grypo down using these basic principles:

  • Tuora is uses Group Accelerate at the beginning of each round in order to help take down the minions. All other moves should be to boost the team’s health (as this ensure no hits from Grypo).

  • Tryo is there to boost damage dished out by the team.

  • Thor is there to ensure maximum damage and to use Group Shattering Impact to take out the minions at the beginning of each round. Thor also takes down any shields.

  • Tenrex provides damage along with Thor but also to heal the group when Tuora is accelerating the team from round 2.

I’ll tell you a good strategy right now.




Another Lynthronax

Instant win.

Jk. But I haven’t done it at all today. I probably will…

We did that, and it took a 24 slightly boosted thor, 19 slightly boosted tryo, level 21 unboosted tuora, and a 25 tenonto with a few boosts

My alliance members and I used two Thors, a Touro, and a Tenonto. All were boosted considerably

Thylacotator is a good one for this raid

Any way to do with low level creatures

That’s useful to know as there’s a certain amount of misinformation out there that leads players to believe dinos need to be excessively boosted (especially Thor).

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I’ve seen a strategy based on using a level 15 Irritator along with Tuora and two Tenontorex.


The guides posted so far outline effective strategies. Just be aware that grypo’s attack is buffed relative to the preview stats.

That’s awesome.
What’s the success rate on that strat?
I wouldn’t mind 10 turns if it’s 80+% and I could push alliance mates through with lower dinosaur power thresholds.