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Grypolyth components in the wild

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called it.

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About to buy a lot of epic scents

Why? It’s the worst Unique in the game

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Wow. Already saw one, thought it was one of those one-in-a-billion flukes.

Not intrested at the least i am working on bigger things

I won’t buy scents just for it, but I do plan to make it.



For my pokedex :sunglasses:

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Looks like i’m saving my epic scent until this goes away

Just saw my first one in the wild ever. Lol

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Worse than Magna? Ouch…

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100% worse than Magna


Even worse than tuora?

With all due respect, how do you know unless you’ve extensively played and tested it?

Gimmie, gimmie the Gryposuchus already I’ve only been waiting several weeks to make this fantastic new hybrid, I’ve got waay too much Lythy, Purusaurus and Purrolyth DNA already I need this epic to make my second unique.

I want it too, looks cool, but its undeniable that is one of the worst uniques.
I was asking Mark because i know that he is a “Top player” and i wanted to know if this unique is really THAT bad.

One thing I’m pretty sure of is that Grypolyth WILL get a buff, I’m banking on it! Because in it’s current state, on paper, it doesn’t look very good or even remotely like a ‘unique’ at all. So, fingers crossed!

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For the current Gryposuchus bonus, can someone confirm if they are spawning just around the parks as earlier (but higher spawn rate) or they are also significantly spawning away from parks?

Since the tweet mentions it’s out this week (assuming the extra spawn might not be there next week), trying to collect enough to be able to create the Unique!

I live rural and have one private road leading to my house in the woods. There was one up the road and I had one show up with a common 5/50 scent.

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Who knows? It was on Twitter but MetaHub haven’t picked anything up about it yet… so. I dont’ know. All I know is that I’ve been walking around with scents for the last hour and I didn’t even get a glimpse of any gryposuchus, actually I didn’t even see one epic which is very odd.

My post got hidden, they’re out there, not just in parks.

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