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Grypolyth even can't beat triceratops


i used grypolyth in friendly challenge…

1st battle vs i-rex, the shield and armor sucks…KO in 2 turns

2nd battle vs triceratops, slow, stun, stun, strike and KO…

conclusion: poor speed, poor defense and poor attack

what kind of unique is him???


Counter attackers suffers from a lot of matchups like bleed, stun, and they all have bad stats. Usually I only use them for swap in and kill something with low hp. Other than that, straight up matchups sucks for them in the high arenas.


it’s too slow and no swap in advantage… megalo works better than it in this regard


Yeah, currently meglosuchus is better than the two unique counter attackers. Moreover, both of the uniques are much harder to create and level up than meglo, one is park only spawn and another has the 2nd highest rarity components in the game.

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I was actually planning on making a post about this dino later this week. Long story short, it’s pretty much a joke of a Unique. It has no established identity. It’s a kind of-sort of tank at 20% armor but only so-so health at 4020 at level 26 and pretty good counter but too slow to make enough of an impact? It’s a really funky dinosaur with virtually zero incentive to work hard to obtain.


Rajasaur’s actually incredibly easy to find, but yes Diorajasaur overall is considered one of the lesser desirable Uniques to have in this meta, though it’s quite strong when reaches high level


I consider grypo is full of potential for a future buff. Thus not quite bad yet, let alone it still can do something against fast dinos.


Depend in which local you are.
I found one in a month, cause I’m L3 and need to go in other locals to get components for hybrids. Was lucky to get some DNA from epic scents and incubator. Now lack of Ankylo DNA holding me back.


Well Raja is an all day spawn in L4, just need to put a little time in being in that area. I live in L2, but when I’m in L4 I’d say I find 5-6 Raja in a given week


I live in a L4 zone and i saw 1 raja per week iff im really really lucky how do you find so many?


Idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯ maybe I just live in a good region? Haha


Yeah im there 5 days a week and never see raja :frowning:


Ive only ever seen raja in one place… my incubators all the time… outside of stygi and alanqa i feel like raja is the the epic inget the most… back in 1.4 i got raja out of 8 consecutive 8 hr incubators.


When the bleed meta came, I had assumed the ‘alligator-family’ would get a lockdown-bleed to make it relevant. Because that’s what they do in real life, right? But alas!

Even 10-15% for 2 turns would’ve been effective enough to make it interesting.