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Grypolyth - Majunga of the Unique's

I tried this guy out in the arena and strike towers. This is barely useful on my level 16 teams.
You need to give this thing the same damage as Gryposuchs at 21 AND ferocious strike. Then we can say this is a “Unique”. This thing is more rare than anything and I’ll only use it on my themed teams. Lythronax has 783 damage at level 21 and a 1X counter. Lythronax is a common.

Anyway, I checked this guy off my list and on the the next guy.


Not gonna lie, I forgot Grypolyth existed.


I don’t have him but I see lots of top players seem to use him there must be some draw. I would assume the huge health dinos in top arenas the .25 counter would be a hefty damage to them. Would be cool if it had a ferocious strike attack but not sure if that would be op or not

I guess the way to use this guy is to swap it in on a 50% or more damaged creature, get hit, instant regenerate and get hit again and you do 50% damage without dying. If done right would be a good finisher. Maybe I will give this a try. That will give me something to do as far as battling in the next day or so.

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He works good when thor its taking a nap, hes good against those ight HP dinos and can keep then immobilized avoiding the coward RAT to come , also against those noobs using RAT if timed properly he can immobiliz then just after they use regenerate, is bane is against shatering moves wich are way too comon these days.
he needs a smal buff i would sujest immun to distraction has he lack damage , and he will be just perfect


I just unlocked him. He need some buffs I think.

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Ha ha ha
Don’t make me laugh
Seriously, it’s funny

This thing is a beast

It can take so many hits, regen when on low health, pins a creature when Grypolyth is gonna die so the opponent can’t escape. Amazing against any non chomper really. Super good. It does not need a buff

I haven’t run into one yet that gave me a problem.
Maybe they’re using it wrong?

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It also depends on the team used. It has got to go well with it

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Use it kind of like a bleeder, except it works on immune dinos. It needs careful timing in using regenerate and immobilize.