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Grypolyth need a rework

Hi all,

I would like to encourage Ludia to rework Grypolyth and I also like to explain why it is a poorly designed hybrid, which can be further discussded.

Some of the moves, especially lockdown strike in combination with other abilities of this hybrid makes no sense at all and makes this hybrid very vulnerable for swapping in a counter dinosaur.

The use of lockdown as a move has several different purposes when used on other dinosaurs, such as Sarcorix. However, on Grypolyth this move becomes more or less useless because of the other qualities. As I see it lockdown has 4 different purposes with Sarcorix, but makes little sense on Grypolyth:

  1. Shorten countdown of cooldowns, however this makes little sense on Grypolyth because of the typical order you like to move. You do gain one round for regeneration however you are unlikely to survive until then without stuns, further more cooldowns on Grypolyth are put so you will lack shield for your 4th round, making it unlikely that you actually can use Lockdown for this purpose.

  2. Stall superiority strike; with sarcorix you can regain the advantage by using lockdown, however since Grypolyth is so slow there are no creatures to gain speed advantage on.

  3. Stunning swaps. However, this is typically a move which is good vs Counter attackers, not the other way around. This ability is good on Sarcorix because it also has a high attack damage, and if it manages to stun the swapped dinosaur at the same time as it lower the cool down to Ferosity Strike. However, Grypolyth has one of the lowest attack damage in the game of uniques, especially considering that it does not even have an “impact” move or any way to increase it’s damage (such as with ferosity). Making lockdown as an antiswap move on other counter attackers is therefore almost useless.

  4. Yeah, and then you have the purpose of actually locking the enemy from swapping, which is probably among the least used and worst ways of using this move, as most uniques are either immune, have clensing abilities, alternativley have priority abilities which you will lower their cooldown on by using this ability.

As I see it there is not really any sensible way of using the Lockdown move for Grypolyth.

Although Grypolyth was reworked some time ago, there has also been some indirect nerfs lately regarding that Evasive abilities were improved and stun immunity made it even (!) harder to use lockdown. It is sensitive to almost any ability at the moment (nullify, distraction, shatter strikes). It is very easy to swap in against becuase it lacks any higher attack abilities and relies completely on counter attacks and has the lowest attackspeed among uniques apart from Ardentimaxima. It is completely unreasonable.

There are many good ways which Grypolyth can be fixed, of which some suggestions I previously read here on the forum. Some examples:

  1. Lockdown bleed, which would make the move useful despite the low attack speed and synced cooldown times Grypolyth has
  2. Swap in ferocity, which would at least make Grypolyth a good swap-in Dino with major damage in certain situation. Perhaps too good, but it would still be easy to swap in counters regarding the low attack dmg of Gryp.
  3. Impact move, giving that to Gryp would also improve the lockdown move which is currently useless.
  4. Shortening the cooldown of the Long shield protection, which would make it possible to use lockdown more easily for longer survival.
  5. Long-lockdown, which at least would make it a feasible move in the later part of a game to prevent swap.

In the current version several epic and even rare creatures take down Grypolyth. This dino needs a facelift.


Well thought opinion.Well Done!

I was thinking,remove Long Protection and add Ferocious Strike.And add Long Protection as Swap in Move.
But i also like the idea of Lockdown-Bleed

I love grypo and i think hes kit isnt bad , all it needs its a few tweaks theres how i would balance him
Buff is speed from 106 to 110 gryposuchus has 116 speed so that makes sense
Buff crit from 5% to 20% thanks gryposuchus
Change imobilize for instant pinning strike (1x damage, cooldown 2 turns, enemy can not swap for 2 turns)
Add swap in ferocious or buff is counter atack to maximal rending counter


I think crocs would become so much improved if they had a passive lockdown ability that keeps opponents pinned the whole time they are alive or swapped in.

Then they could swap their pinning moves for far more useful ones.

Grypolyth could drop Immobilize and gain Ferocious Impact

Sarcorixis could drop Immobilize and gain Acute Stun or Lethal Wound

Gryposuchus could drop immobilize and gain gashing wound


Then other creatures could be tweaked to have Immobilize and pinning strikes so that the move is still around. Idk just a thought I’ve had.

I like your points! :+1:

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I, personally, would love a croc that could bleed.


Well point here is that actually Immobility strike is a great move for Sarcorix. That “greatness” lies with the 4 functions described above. He can stall slows, delay game to overcome CD issues, make it dangerous to swap in, and then also lockdown. However, speaking about Grypolyth, these are not functions that go together with Grypolyths skills, cooldowns, attackstats and speed. So why have it?

Honestly, everyone knows that lockdown is not a powerful move, which is why there is little point also in giving creatures “lockdown immunity”, which only 1-2 dinos have so far (compare with other immunities such as stun or distraction). Fact is, the move is mainly used in other manners and renders useless for this dinosaur.

Passive lockdown was another good idea.

Rctuga: Generally good suggestions.

It is actually kind of ironic that swap is a weakness of Grypo, since he has this move. However the unusefulness of this move makes it true. Someone picks Grypo - just change to a counter; there are plenty!

Sarcosuchus needs an epic version. Leave this largest crocodilian as common is a serious crime. Then give it Swap-in lockdown: opponents get 100% stunned for 1 turn, cannot swap out in 2 turns.
Shielding strike
Exploit wound(turns of target vulnerable needs to roll back to 2)
Rending takedown