Grypolyth Needs Update for Raiding

Hello fellow members,

I have a suggestion for the Ludia team that i believe is an easy update and will greatly improve usability of the Grypolyth (Unique crocodile).

Currently the Grypolyth has the ability to put up a shield and increase attack.
This ability Should be a Group boost. It would greatly improve the Grypolyth if this move gave team mates the shield and critical increase.

Additionally, i feel that the instant stun movement is not a useful one.
I propose that this move be replaced with a group attack. Meaning it should be a medium level attack which hits all 3 opponents (mionions and boss).

This would be very helpful and make this dino a gem.

Grypo’s stun serves a purpose tho… It’s to make it so he outlast other creatures… Which is his whole set up. You go shield, hit, heal, stun, shield, heal, hit, stun, heal

Grypo is built to be a fierce megalotops

i like that idea and wouldnt affect pvp at all as for stun meh

I agree that the stun allows the Grypo to last (when facing a stunable creature), but it does no damage at all and is not a “go to action” in PvP or Raids.

I feel that removing it an adding a group medium hit would be far more useful in both raids and fights. When set up properly the gator doesnt need to stun and run over and over as well.

The group critical increase and group shield would make it a go to for many unique raids.

or a stun like mardi gra ankys would be ok as wellas it is its pretty useless in the upper regions and completely useless in raids

Yes i agree. The Grypo needs some sort of modification that will make him better for raids and remove the useless stun.