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Grypolyth now Thor group attack delayed?

I haven’t managed to beat Grypolyth for a couple of weeks, and now that Thor has a delayed group attack, it feels even more unlikely. Wondered if anyone had any tips please? Happy raiding everyone :slight_smile:

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Use keratoporcus or any other group shatterer

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Thank you, good to know its still doable using those dinos, roughly what levels were they?


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Thank you! Hoping to try it soon

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Our Thor died near the beginning of round 3, but a 20 tryo and irri with a high attack turo pulled it off


Thank you, my friend sent me this earlier, it looks good!

The thor we had was lower, but a good turo can make up for that

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we beat it with this technique.
L30 Thor, 10/13/7
L23 Tuora, 4/9/0
L19 Tryostronix
L15 Irritator
Lost Thor at end of Round 2 but still managed to beat it
Thanks everyone for your tips

A big difference is that our turo went strike instead of big heal, but it still worked