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Grypolyth or Dio

I’m thinking of using one of these 2 in my team. Dio seems like the easy choice as of now, but I haven’t unlocked it yet and I already have Grypolyth at level 23. Should I save on a bit of coin and focus on leveling Grypolyth or should I go straight for Dio

This is my current team

Diorajasaur, as if I’m not mistaken, it just edges out Grypolyth for usefulness in the raids.

Keep them both on your team nonetheless


That Koolabour is cursed

That koolab is pretty amazing when boosted

I love both. Dioraj is great if I had to pick between the 2 though. It’s crazy how people unlock and level different dinos. You’ve got a level 23 Orion but not unlocked Dio, yet I’ve got a 24 Dio and haven’t even started fusing Orion yet


Have you unlocked Geminititan yet? It’s quite good

Nah and I’m not really planning to for a bit even if it becomes amazing. Love my koolab too much

If I had to choose, Dio.

Grypo has an attack that’s as bad as any Dino in the game now, it’s totally crap in that department.

Maybe in a raid it may benefit from a fierce boost from someone else but in pvp I wouldn’t even think of using it over Dioraja that has had a big boost in attack.

After the update, Dio became a beast

Dio is my favorite Maxima killer.
Group Taunting Sheilds, Resilient Rampage, Instant Invincibility. At level 26 with no boosts, you can lay down 5640 damage on Maxima. Maxima may take-out Dio, but you whittled-down its HP enough for an easy revenge-kill. Or you can swap-in a damage dealer such as Monostego and get another 1k damage in case Maxima has boosted health or is higher-level.

In general, Dio is better, but grypo can be a bit of a sleeper as it’s regen is only a turn 2 cooldown paired with immobilize. However, rend did get a nerf as did regen creatures

I think Dio is better. I’m seeing more things resistant to rend that hurts Grypoly a bit. It still has its uses, but I chose Dio over the 2 personally.

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